Cultural Enrichment

We believe in the importance of ensuring the revitalization of our Native languages, and that our culture and traditions continue to pass on to the next generations. We have several Native language experts on staff and we contract with others to provide classes, workshops and events to the community. We have experts in cultural awareness to provide workshops and training for groups and organizations looking to embrace cultural diversity.

Language & Culture Services

Gathering of Native Americans (GONA) is a community event that provides culturally specific substance abuse prevention information eliciting community healing through topics of historical and cultural trauma experienced over generations. Enjoyment for the entire family includes age appropriate programming.

Join us for the next GONA! Indigenous youth are invited to attend the Youth GONA to learn about personal discovery & build group connections using conversation, arts & crafts & group activities. This workshop will explore the 4 cultural components of embracing community & healing through concepts of: belonging, matsery, interdependence and generosity. Lunch will be provided.

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Dates: Saturday, March 25, 2023

Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Location: Montecito Community School (715 E Montecito Ave | Phoenix, AZ 85014)

Seasonal Storytelling

Each season the Phoenix Indian Center offers special culturally based storytelling events using experts to share cultural teachings. Some past events included Navajo Shoegame, Winter string games etc. We are planning future storytelling events. Check this page often for updated information about upcoming sessions.

Boys with Braids

The significance of having long hair is sacred amongst all American Indians. It connects us to our cultural identity, our spirituality and our ancestors. While all tribes are different and have varying stories and traditions about what having long hair signifies, they have teachings and a cultural connection. Long hair promotes self-esteem, self-respect, and pride. Long hair is a form of self expression that reinforces a connection to one’s family, tribe, community and traditions. Click here to download the Boys with Braids resource sheet for teachers.



Language Classes are offered each semester in various locations. Class offerings can include:

  • Adult Beginning Navajo language (Diné Bizaad Índa Bóhoo’aah Hóyáanii bá)
  • Adult Intermediate Navajo language (Diné Bizaad Bóhoo’aah)
  • Navajo Literacy (Diné Bizaad Wólta’ dóó Ak’e’elchíh Bóhoo’aah)
  • Intergenerational language and culture (Áłchíní dóó Amá dóó Azhé’é Diné Bizaad Yídahooł’aah)
  • Children’s Navajo language (Áłchíní Diné Bizaad Yíhooł’aah)
  • Early Childhood Navajo language (Áłchíní Yázhí Diné Bizaad Yíhooł’aah)
  • Dine Culture (Diné K’ehgo Hane’ dóó Na’nitin)
  • Navajo Singing Class


We are working diligently to schedule and plan for future classes. Check this page often for information about upcoming classes.

Questions? Contact our Language & Culture Coordinator at (602) 264-6768 or egoodsoldier@phxindcenter.org

Késhjéé’: Navajo Shoegame

The Phoenix Indian Center brings the Késhjéé’ annually for the winter season! Community members are invited to come play this centuries old game that teaches the importance of honor, loyalty & trust. The Késhjéé’ takes place on two nights from 6 – 11 PM each day.  We are working to plan this year’s event. Check this page often for information on upcoming events.


American Indian Cultural Awareness Workshops and Training

We offer American Indian cultural competency training and workshops for departments, agencies, businesses, and schools. Trainings and workshops are designed to help non-American Indian child welfare workers, foster families, business and agency staff members learn and find resources on issues relevant to working with American Indian and Alaska Native adults, children and families. Participants benefit by learning about American Indian history, relevant Federal laws, and cultural considerations. We offer 1 hour, 2 hour or 3-hour presentations based on requestors’ need.

You may call the Phoenix Indian Center, (602) 264-6768 or email info@phxindcenter.org, to learn more and to schedule your cultural competency workshop.

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