“Better Together Through Resilience and Growth.”  The message lives on right here!

The Phoenix Indian Center is proud to share the inspirational videos from this year’s 10th Annual Youth Leadership Days Event! It’s true, great motivation starts with great stories–that is why we are dedicated to advancing the valuable content captured behind the lens for this special event. In the heart of these videos, American Indian leaders from all over the United States speak power over generational thinking patterns to honor, create,  and build resilience.

These videos will inspire you. They are unique. They will make you laugh, and they may even make you dance. The relevance of each speaker is worthy.

Come with curiosity, it inspires learning and learning inspires change. Let us know what you think!

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Culture IS Prevention with Micheon Gorman: This session will provide insight on approaches to suicide prevention through culture and take a look at how the Phoenix Indian Center & the Urban Indian Coalition of Arizona utilizes this preventative means in the Urban Indian Community.

Self Care and What You Can Do with Micheon Gorman: Together we can learn about the importance of taking care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Learn some tips and techniques on how we can practice self-care to be healthy community members.

What Exactly Does PIC Do? with Jolyana Begay-Kroupa: Watch this presentation to learn about the programs and services offered by the Phoenix Indian Center. Learn how we can be here for you!

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Resilience with Rowdy Duncan: In this presentation Rowdy talks about the need for you to become your best self. We cannot afford for you to feel as though you are not as good as others, or derail your efforts to live into all parts of your potential greatness. You are our future ancestor with super-powered DNA – we need you at your best!

Be Aware… To Protect Yourself with Kylie Hunts-In-Winter: In this presentation, Kylie teaches basic self-defense techniques as well as mental and physical safety techniques that anyone can use.

Wellness In the Pandemic with Waylon Pahona: What is your covid story? It is important to take care of ourselves, especially during times like these. Waylon shares important information about using wellness during Covid.

How to Pay for College and Trade School with Delphina Thomas: Join us to receive a brief overview of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), common questions about the application process and common misconceptions about financial aid and FAFSA.

Want to take a deeper dive into this topic? Visit our workshops and classes page to sign us for upcoming FAFSA workshops.

The Importance of Civic Engagement with Jaynie Parrish: Young people have the tools to create change together and Tribal Nations must benefit from this political powerhouse in every way. First steps include making sure they are registered to vote, civically engaged, and supported.  Listen to Jaynie talk about how strengthening Indigenous youth issues and political advocacy is critical for all our communities.

Staying True to Your Roots When Away from Home with Jeremy Johns: In this talk, Jeremy focuses on topics of maintaining and strengthening cultural connections when away from home. He specifically centers this talk as positioned within Western academic spaces which are often at odds with Indigenous epistemological frameworks. Hear about ways in which community, culture and language can serve as sources of support, as well as a foundational basis for one’s educational journey.

Lifelong Learning and How to Do It with Kalah Villagrana: This video provides an introduction to financial aid for postsecondary education. Topics include FAFSA, grants, scholarships, work study, and loans.

Want to take a deeper dive into this topic? Visit our workshops and classes page to sign us for upcoming College & Trade School Application workshops.

Culture as A Business Model with Indigenous Enterprise

Passion to Profession, Using Art to Prepare for Future In-Demand Jobs with Melody Lewis:  In this session, Melody showcases professions and industries that align with the arts including how artist translate their abilities into professions that will be in-demand.  For example, digitizing art, murals, design, technology, animation.

Let’s Revitalize the Indigenous Perspective… Together! with Turquoise Skye Devereaux: Watch this presentation to hear Turquoise discuss cultural confidence in Indigenous identity. She’ll talk about providing identity support and cultural confidence for Indigenous youth through tools, resources of resilience and ways to get involved. Creating a culturally safe space where Indigenous worldview is validated, and community connectedness is prioritized.

Building Yourself from the Inside Out with Ahsaki LaFrance-Chachere: In this presentation, Ahsaki talks about how to Protect your Hozhó. She teaches about how to break unthinkable barriers with your traditional teachings and how to balance traditional and modern world in building an empire.

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