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Overcoming Odds – One Individual at a Time

Trestine M. (Hopi)

Trestine was incarcerated numerous times for various felony crimes related to her alcohol and drug abuse. She endured an abusive marriage, lost custody of her children, and became homeless. Eventually Trestine sought help for her substance abuse; she was referred to the Phoenix Indian Center as part of her recovery process. Tristine successfully completed 5 job readiness workshops where she focused on building skills that would help her find gainful employment. Ultimately, she was hired as a Recovery Support Specialist and now helps people who are struggling with alcohol and drug issues. It is her goal make sure that women “know that they have the opportunity to regain the trust of their children” and can lead clean, sober, productive lives.

Sashe W.

I learned about the Phoenix Indian Center and enrolled myself into the adult literacy program to get tutoring for my GED, and seven months later I successfully received my GED. The instructors at the Phoenix Indian Center encouraged me daily. If it wasn’t for them I would not have had the courage to believe that anything is possible. They brought life back to my soul. I’m truly grateful for everything the Phoenix Indian Center has done for me. Thank you so much for opening up the door to a new life filled with so many possibilities.

Amanda P. (White Mountain Apache)

Amanda grew up in a reservation community where domestic violence and alcoholism were common.   She became pregnant at 17, had her baby and then found herself caring for a niece as well. Although she managed to graduate from high school, she felt desperate to move to Phoenix in hopes of finding stable employment. She came to the Phoenix Indian Center seeking assistance finding a full time, permanent job with benefits. Amanda took 4 job readiness workshops after which she applied for a “Work Experience” job with the Arizona Department of Transportation. After she completed this temporary work experience ADOT hired her for her first full-time job, with benefits!

Anntonia C. (Pasqua Yaqui)

Anntonia had been out of the paid workforce for 9 years while she was a full-time caregiver to her mother and a disabled niece. After being “unemployed” for so long, Anntonia was very apprehensive about returning to work, given her age and lack of skills. She took advantage of our workforce services, which included getting her daughter to and from school. She completed 3 job readiness workshops, regained a positive attitude, and started applying for jobs. Today, she works as a case manager for Child Protective Services, and is proud of herself for regaining her self-confidence and accomplishing goals she did not think possible.

Darrell H. (Navajo)

When Darrell came through the doors of the Phoenix Indian Center, he was at a very low point in his life.   He had a substance abuse problem that landed him on probation. He had “jumped” probation and was angry and depressed. After some serious self-reflection, he ultimately decided to turn himself in and seek treatment to rebuild his life. He came to the Phoenix Indian Center with a sketchy work history and no permanent home. After completing several job readiness workshops, he slowly gained more confidence, his recovery continued and was hired successfully at Premier Precision Group.

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