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Largest Urban American Indian Center in the Country Celebrates 75th Anniversary with New Logo for Diamond Jubilee Year

January 4th, 2022 – The Phoenix Indian Center will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2022 and with that comes a new logo and a series of community events focused on culture throughout the year.

“As we head into the new year, we are so excited to celebrate our 75th anniversary. It is a monumental occasion for our non-profit, for our staff, but most importantly for our American Indian community here in Phoenix,” said Jolyana Begay-Kroupa, Interim CEO of the Phoenix Indian Center. “Our focus has always been serving our people, it is at the heart of what we do, and as we celebrate this year, we want our events to be inclusive for everyone. We hope that our Center will continue in its role as a community hub for all.”

Events coming up throughout the year will include cultural song and dance nights and family-focused celebration gatherings.

“We hope to honor the rich heritage of local tribes in the region while recognizing the diversity of new residents who are moving here from other areas of the country, and we are so happy to mark the occasion with our new anniversary logo that pays homage to our founder, Leon Grant,” said Begay-Kroupa.

The new logo design uses the image of the Phoenix with its wings encircling city buildings and a new border inspired from Omaha tribal art, which is a nod to Leon Grant, an Omaha tribal member. The Center was founded in 1947 during the Indian Relocation era and was meant to serve as an inclusive and welcoming gathering spot for American Indians moving from rural reservations to Phoenix.

Visual Designer, Phylander Kirk (Navajo), developed the new logo and it will be used in branding materials throughout 2022.


“It’s a balance of communication and design aesthetics,” said Kirk. “It takes many iterations to work towards what feels right. I hope this logo represents the past, present and future of the Phoenix Indian Center as well as all of the urban American Indian Tribal Nations.”

The Phoenix Indian Center services more than 7,000 people annually through direct services and touches the lives of more than 20,000 people through related outreach. It has since assisted well over one million people during its existence.

The Center is the largest of its kind in the country, serving the third largest and fastest growing American Indian population in the Phoenix-metro area with over 150,000 American Indians. It provides services in the areas of workforce development, language and cultural enrichment, youth services, and substance abuse and suicide prevention programs.

Learn more at www.phxindcenter.org


Levi Long, Communications Specialist

Ph: 602-264-6768


New Logo Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Phoenix Indian Center.


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If you would like to use our logo in your articles, or you would like to speak to someone about an article you are writing or for more information about the center, please contact us at info@phxindcenter.org for a file of approved logos or to reach a staff member to help you with your research.

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