Seeking Navajo Language Instructors & Coaches

Our Language & Culture Program is seeking Navajo Language Instructors and Instructional Coaches to contract with for upcoming Navajo Language Classes. Come teach our urban Diné community!

  • Navajo Language Instructor(s): Will be responsible for teaching Navajo language classes and coordinating with the Language and Culture team in planning and implementation. They will assist in participant recruiting and registration, interface and support students and family in all areas of project. Other duties include tracking and submitting attendance, data collection and facilitation for reporting.
  • Instructional Coaches: Will assist the teacher in all facets of daily classroom management and maintain a proper environment for learning in-person at the site. They will assist in setting up materials and equipment including computers and other electronic devices for student use including assisting the teacher in maintaining student progress, attendance records, and any reporting needed for project.

To apply: Send a resume and letter of interest to Carol Oritz:  cortiz@phxindcenter.org

For questions: Call 602-264-6768 or contact Elicia Goodsolider: egoodsoldier@phxindcenter.org

Human Trafficking Resources

Our People are not for sale. If you suspect human trafficking, report it immediately by calling 1-877-4AZ-TIPS. If it’s an emergency, call 911. For more resources, visit these websites & contact these organizations.

Let’s all do our part to keep our people safe and look out for one another.

Did you know AHCCCS Helps Law Enforcement Find Missing People?

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), Arizona’s Medicaid program, launched a new tool to make it easier for law enforcement agencies to request data that may help them find missing persons. This is one of several strategies AHCCCS is implementing to find missing persons, especially American Indian members enrolled in the American Indian Health Program from AHCCCS.

“AHCCCS is improving the tools we have to help law enforcement partners find missing American Indian Health Program members and other Medicaid enrollees,” said Carmen Heredia, AHCCCS director. “As we have learned more about this issue, it became clear that we could expedite and streamline the data sharing process for law enforcement agencies.”

Under specific conditions in federal law, AHCCCS is able to provide information to law enforcement about enrolled members, if there is available data. This new data request form streamlines the process and helps the agency respond more quickly.

The law enforcement agency requesting the information must complete a Request for Data form with as much detail as possible and attest that the data will not be used against the victim. The Request for Data form is linked from the Contact Us web page, under the Law Enforcement Data Requests menu. AHCCCS is circulating this flier to help promote this data sharing opportunity.

For more information, contact missingpersons@azahcccs.gov.

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2024 Arizona American Indian Excellence in Leadership Awards

2024 Arizona American Indian Excellence in Leadership Awards

Nominations are open for the 2024 Arizona American Indian Excellence in Leadership Awards! If you know any outstanding people creating amazing change throughout the state’s tribal communities, nominate them today. These nominations are open to people state-wide in Arizona and are not limited to the Phoenix area! Award categories include:

Kent C. Ware Lifetime Achievement Award

Phyllis J. Bigpond Lifetime Achievement Award

Woman of the Year

Man of the Year

Business of the Year

Volunteer of the Year

Friend of the Community

College Student of the Year

High School Student of the Year

Nominations are due Friday, Aug. 30, 2024. To submit a nomination, click here

For questions, call 602-264-6768 or email leadershipawards@phxindcenter.org

Arizona American Indian Excellence in Leadership Awards Event Details

Date & Location To Be Announced Soon

To view previous winners, click here. 


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